Simplify your aircraft management with MJets, distinguishing itself in a crowded field by providing clear and transparent services. Our comprehensive turn-key solutions alleviate the concerns associated with aircraft ownership. Additionally, we offer a respectful and reasonable chartering service under our part 135 certificate, aiming to offset your ownership costs. With earned trust, a dedication to safety, and a commitment to mission success, MJets is your reliable partner. Initiate a conversation today to explore how MJets can serve as your trusted advisor.

MJets Aircraft Management Process

Simple. Fast. Efficient.

Step 1

Identify Appropriate Aircraft Type

Step 2

Arrange Tax Consultation for Aircraft (if applicable)

Step 3

Identify and Supervise Pre-Purchase Inspection

Step 4

Facilitate Closing of the Aircraft

Step 5

Conformity for Part 135 Certificate (if applicable)

Step 6

Hire Vetted Flight Crew

Step 7

Owner/Representative setup on “Owner Portal” Software

Step 8

Travel and Enjoy the MJets Management Experience

The MJets Experience

The MJets commitment revolves around surpassing your expectations with a dedication to transparent, flawless, and efficient execution. Upon entrusting your aircraft to our program, you are assigned a dedicated team available 24/7/365 to ensure that your preferences, both in-flight and off-flight, are meticulously met. We prioritize operational efficiency in every flight.

Rest assured, our employee confidentiality agreement safeguards the private information concerning your operation and guests, reinforcing our commitment to the highest standards of privacy and professionalism.

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